Targeted Individuals: Mental Enslavement

(See videos and links below) Never forget the US and Israeli government is filled with sadistic, two-faced, perverted, and cowardly simpletons who think they are better than us. They are not. Been happening to me for over 2 1/2 years. 24/7. They beam images into your head and yell “we hate your racism” “we hate Nazis” “we hate white supremacists” and “you are our slave.” Can you imagine a grow adult male doing that to you for that long.? These people are fucking pathetic. They are subhuman garbage who refuse to square up like honorable men. They also interrupt your thought process and ask questions about your thoughts. Post is not meant to downplay legit mental health issues. Happened after I trolled the White House and other government YouTube pages with my blog. Wonder who monitors those pages.? Don’t worry these subhuman government “men”, who we pay, aren’t even man enough to shut this stuff off and, as they are two faced lying worms, deny this stuff exists. However, the evidence for this is laughably overwhelming. Your honor, as a leader of the community, you don’t think you have the right to know where these people do this from.? Even these FBI idiots. Again, they can do this to anyone for any reason. Including your son or daughter. As a member of the legal community, I am not a criminal nor a degenerate. I’m some nobody with no money who has an anonymous (free) opinion these scum bags don’t like. My opinion, I think, could help your family. As a man, you are that scared of my data and opinion?

As I am not retarded, I know exactly how this would end. We are dealing with government scum here. Don’t make me laugh. People are dishonorable pieces of shit. These worms do this to me for this long. Where would you send a subpoena.? They would obviously deny it and/or say its classified. Lick my nuts you subhuman piece of government shit. Two-faced weasels. Rodents. I pay your salary you sadistic leech. You think they want people to know that these government hacks have been torturing a normal citizen for years because they didn’t like his anonymous opinion on the internet.>


Microwave pulse directed energy weapons used on US diplomats in China and Cuba. They making it up.? Video and article.>


Israel brain hacking part 1.>

Harvard educated former cia employee talking about how he worked on the voice of god project in the damn 1990s. Robert Duncan. What is stopping these pathetic people from doing this to you or your kid.?>

Robert Duncan (Harvard educated former (((cia))) employee) and projecting images into people’s head. Skip to 10:50.>

CIA subversives. Liars, cheaters, leeches, fucking pathetic weasels. >

Audio spotlight. Anyone can buy this for $1500. Speaker that directs sound so only one person can hear it. >

The US government would never torture or conduct experiments on Americans. Then why would Bill Clinton give this speech.? He apologized to American families whose family members were unknowingly subjected to human radiation experiments.>


2008 Army website where you could buy voice to skull devices.>

US Air Force files a patent to beam voices into people’s head in 2002. Someone steal a device from you.? Or you cowardly perverts do this in an office.?>

 CIA tortures and conducts experiments on Americans.>

Microwave and directed energy weapons DOD and US Government.>

Israel and directed energy weapons against civilians.>

Israel brain hacking. Part 2>

Microwave scream inside your skull.>

Pentagon weapon that puts voices in people’s head.>

Electromagnetic weapons.>

CIA subversive rats and experiments on Americans.>

Audiospotlight. Speaker that directs sound at one person. Part two.>

NSA. You militant faggots.>

Keep it up.>

eyeless jack – Google Search

NSA worms. Genetic inferiors with a device.>

NSA brain hacking.>

NSA, you perverted subhuman cowards.>



Unlicensed Israeli intelligence assets hired by our government to harass and stalk US citizens because they had the wrong opinions. Harvey Weinstein hired the same firm. Black Cube.>

These government faggots also outsource this stuff to private intelligence agencies so they can have plausible deniability (See Stratford, Black Cube etc.) They are cowardly subhuman trash.

These people are pathetic cowards who refuse to square up. I think I know why. They take (((Krav Maga)) classes. The most bitchmade shit I’ve ever seen. Asking a Jew to teach you how to fight. Hahahahahaha.>

You cowardly perverted scumbag. This will always be a chapter in your life’s story. You at your conclusion.? While you sit there and torture me and yell “we hate racists” everyday, I am teaching you all about history, the world, providing solutions to problems, quotes, my dick is still 7 1/2, still ripped and employed. Can you dunk.? Please, put your ideas (leadership potential) up against mine. Anyway, more impressive in this chapter, me or you.? More of an honorable alpha man, me or you.? What kind of man does this to another man for this long and thinks it makes him look impressive.? You enjoy me dominating your stupid worldview this much.? Want to square up yet, or are you going to be a bitch and continue to yell “we hate Nazi’s” you mentally deficient genetic inferior. Wondering what other people think. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, objective reality exists. I passed the bar exam on my first try with you losers doing this to me. You want this chapter of your life to continue.? Think it’s going to make you look better.? You think this gay shit will stop me.?>



israel soldiers diapers – Google Search

(((CIA))) weasels.>


Nice. Government faggots. Still torturing me with your gay little device from your office when this is going on. You enjoy being a perverted coward this much huh. Like a boss, I still went to where the riots were.> 

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